Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Vial age

It is sad that the power of words seems to be lost on the general public as a whole. There was once a time when words had meaning, real meaning, and were used to paint the world. They showed emotion, and there was a beauty to it all. Such beauty should not be tarnished with such trifles as "holla" and "dawg".

But alas, we are in the age of vulgarity. Where once was the great Enlightenment is follows that we must fall from the heights that we reached. After all, what goes up must come down. Still, the loss of language was not all we lost. Chivalry is a casualty as well. Even the best "good old southern" boy is no where near as gentlemanly as the gentlemen once were. Isn't it sad that the upper class have forsaken their once cherished ideals, and passed them on to there "subordinates" as they do with all their discards. They no longer embraced the ideals that ones before them would disown them for not following.

We are in the age of obscenity, boorishness, and the meretricious. Those that are in love with beauty, passion, and truth are left to suffer. We see glimpses in odd moments, but they go as fast as they come. We are supposed to be far more advanced than we were 100 years ago. Just look at how far we have come with technology, but the cost was a big one. We sold our soul so we can sit on socla networks all day, and get mad because someone didn't "like" something. For, we truely are the in the Viral age. All the obsenities infect us, making us sick with it, and we forget what there once was.

Somethings should not be instantantious. Letters to a love one should never be. They should be thought over,  written,  scratched out, and written again. They should be labored over and felt. Emails and texts do not show that emotion, they do not bear the scars of one who truely cares for recipient. Letters bring us close, they are written by the hand of the dear one. Emails are written by a computer, and where they look like they bring us close the impersonalness drives us apart.

This age is nothing but a spiarl down in human spirit. We give rise to cold, impersonalness, and discard the truth and beauty in words. We spiarl down as we congraulate ourselves on our depravity.

Can we not have both? Can we not rise once again?

I am sure that we can but then again I probablly not be alive to see it because we have not hit rock bottom and that initself is scary. Is there no level we will not fall to? Is there not one thing we will not throw away in the name of a better future? What is next? But that is ever the question and when we stop asking that question we have truley hit the bottom because there will be nothing left.

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