Monday, January 20, 2014

To my Once Prince

Lets talk of fairy tales.

We are all told that this is what our lives should be like. A rough first act a brief happiness and then tragedy in the second and a happily ever after at the end. All problems resolved and the smile all around. That is what our parents tell us, disney tells us, and countless other sources. We are told at an early age that this is what we should expect. Things might get a little rough but you are just in the process of your happily ever after. You are in the rough beginning. Nothing more. We are all certainly special and something amazing will happen. There is someone out there for everyone and everyone has a true love. What? You don't believe me? Look at all those stories and movies. Hell look at just how happy barbie is.

The truth is far less kind. Even the true stories of those famous princesses is far from glamorous. The little mermaid commits suicide than kill her love that rejected her. Sleeping beauty is raped and gave birth. Little red riding hood gets eaten by the wolf. Cinderellas step sisters hacked off body parts to steal charming away. That is far from the pretty picture that we are told as children, but those were the stories we should haven been told. That way when bad things happen we wouldn't be so selfish with our demands for recompense. Bravery and love are not always rewarded or returned, nor is honesty, kindness, or passion.

So let me tell you a fairy tale. Stop me if you have heard this one before.

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was the youngest of her parents brood and the most different from them. She had the voice of a song bird and was the only one so gifted. Her parents and siblings had eyes of blue of the sky and brown of bark hers were are green  as the leaves on the trees. She was kind , as well as honest to the point of bluntness, generous without thought, and very very sarcastic. No matter what she seemed to do she didn't seem to fit in with the rest of her family. That came to no surprise, for her mother was vile and twisted. So much so her father was never home for long. Her mother twisted those children around her  until they either fled or were twisted themselves, but not the little song bird girl.

She stood up to her mother for her siblings, and they watched in silence as she battled with the vile witch day after day year after year to keep them safe from her mother witch's evil power.. But all too soon she was tired and lonely so after a time, like  the birds that share her voice she flew from that place. As she left she met a wolf disguised as a prince. He was kind at first and sweet. She thought the world of him. She ran from her home and went out exploring, begging what she thought was the prince to come with her. He promised her he would but he was very cruel. She made a little home and got it ready for his arrival but he never came. He left her alone. He paid her no attention and the affection he once had was gone. when his attention was given it was often with malice. More often than not though he was silent. The only sound she heard was the cold howl from the winter wind. he never came to the little nest she made for them  Still she waited and waited. Her prince had promised after all.  She waited as woodland predators from all around took turns scratching and biting her. Waiting for her to give up hope so she would be easy prey for them to eat.  After a time she grew lonely once more. The vile witch had also found where she had fled to and was determined to get a hold of her once more and the creatures were starting to leave their marks. The girl began to sob. She cried and cried, sure that no one would hear her. Her voice sang out a song of pure sadness. A prince wondering by heard her call and was struck by it. he had to find the damsel and help the poor creature.

He found the girl alone and crying and fell in love with her. he promised her that she would never again be alone and that he loved her.  He held her close and one by one rid her of the woodland creatures. He helped her cast aside the evil witch and  the wolf and once more brought joy to the girl. She fell in love with him and for a moment they were happy. But the moment was brief. Her prince had to leave and return to his castle. He had promised to return but after a time that changed. Before he left, though he swore he loved her before, he deigned ever having feelings for her. He broke her heart in two and left with barely a word or reason why. The girl swore she loved him, and sang her feelings to him, brought up all the memories that they shared and all the promises that he had made. it was no use. He was no longer listening and had already swore he found someone else.

So there the girl sat once more. Alone and crying. After a while she dried her tears. Her heart was still broken and she was sure that it would never be whole again. She gave up her dream of every finding her true love for she was sure she had already found him and he no longer cared for her. A woodsman came by and to keep warm she invited him to share her nest. The girl planned to leave and make a new nest, far from her loves land, and far from his memory but her plans needed time. So she shared her nest with the woodsman who she had no love for. Only mild affection. She cried for her lost prince and her heart was still broken.Despite everything her prince had done she knew that she still loved him and then best thing for her was to forget so she did they only thing she knew how to do and ran away.

The end.

That is the kind of story that we should have been told. That is the kind of story that is more accurate. It would help prepare us as kinds for what was to come instead of these prepackaged lies.the heart break would at least be a little better to bear if you were constantly told how things should have ended. Even the original grimms fairytales end with a happily ever after more times than not. There are some really sick twisted things in those tales but every few actually end badly.  So this is my fairy tale. the end