Saturday, December 31, 2011


Forever driving us forward but they are hardly ever seen in a good light. They are seen as devils things that drive one down the path of sins and disparity. They are a marker of insanity, an unstable mind, restless and forever at work. Even the word has a bad connotation. I have never heard it used positively. Still, without obsessions we would have nothing. Inventions, discoveries, ideas, and ways of thinking, all come obsessions. They make us better in all ways. They are the fire to the human spirit. Something as simple as a comic book obsession can save a life, seriously.

Today I read of a 12 year old boy who saved his sisters life and his own because of the game World of Warcraft. I am Not kidding. They were attacked by a moose, which are seriously very deadly because of the giant horns on their heads and their seriously bad attitudes when in their territory, so the boy taunted it away from his sister and then played dead. He said that he got the idea to do that because of his character on the game and the skills that his character acquired on level 30. Seriously, this is true. Look it up.

Obsessions stir the mind and they mix, creating new ideas and paths. A comic book meets science and low and behold we have things that people laughed at, like most of what was on Batman's belt in the 50's. It was some kid that grew up thinking, I want what Batman has. Obsessions make a person who they are and it is just amazing. I know I have my only little concoction that go around and around in my head. So just think, all the people around you have their own little obsessions, their only little vices and virtues, that shape what they do and say . Half the fun is discovering them, they seem silly and childish, but your own appear the same way to them.

So why the bad reputation? As with everything, there are those who over indulge and they ruin things for everyone. 

its odd what triggers each person's imagination and yet it isn't. I know that bugs do not hold much interest in me and yet there are people devoted to the science. You just have to look and see for yourself.

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