Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Shenandoah

My high school band played the piece Shenandoah I believe my sophomore year. My father later remarked that he always liked that song. He said that the song sounded like the south, laid back and easy. I now find myself far away from my once home, in a totally different place filled with odd people. I don't hate it, but I am not too sure that I like it. So many people, all trying to go one way on streets only big enough for two at a time. Who ever though of that was silly to say the least. People are so much impatient, so much more ready to fight, and all courtesy has gone out the window. They are all just to angry for that.

I'm not homesick. Not in the least. I do not miss the heat and the stupidity. I do not miss the boredom and the pointlessness. There are things to do, there are new things to experience, and new ideas. More people means new points of view. No longer are there bible thumpers on the corner of every street, screaming their views as cars pass by, wearing full suits in 90 degree weather.

Its all so complex and new. I love my job, I even like some of the people, I'm just not too sure of the location. I want my own Shenandoah. The south just never seemed that way to me. It was never laid back. It was filled with people that had narrow views and judgments, that is expect for my few friends. It was all I knew and now all so different. Freedom helps I guess. I finally get my own choices.

So here I am, starting this new year of my life in a new place with new people and new experiences.

So I pose a question. Is how you start a new year dictate how it will turn out? Does kissing your love mean a good year to follow? Does starting with anger mean a bad one? Is your whole year decided in a moment? That one minute states how it will all end? Last year started with a missed kiss. My Fiance couldn't make it in time and that is how I year continued. We just kept missing each other and only saw one another in stolen moments. A missed opportunity at college led me to my job in the military. A missed friendship led me to a new, close one, and yes I am talking about my Angel. Could it really be that simple or is the universe just fucking with me.

well hopefully this peace will hold out as I sit with my sister and bro in law watching movies, but if we keep watching comic movies then I doubt it. Seriously, argue with the comic obsessed geek about comic books? Really?

I just want my Shenandoah. My laid back and easy peace. No family drama, and as little work drama as I can get away with, Freedom, I want my simple easy freedom. My Shenandoah.

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